Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goal #46: Go apple picking

Why apple picking, you ask? Firstly, do you see this photo here? This view is exactly what I was hoping to experience when completing this goal.. isn't it so pretty? Ya, I know *dust ya shoulda off*

This list is all about doing things you maybe wouldn't normally think of, wouldn't normally take the opportunity or time to complete, things that open your eyes to the world around you. Apple picking is probably the perfect example of all of that put together. Living in Orange County, I remember seeing groves of orange trees and large strawberry fields in my community. I used to think how cool it would be to pick my own fruit (I obviously wasn't interested in growing anything, just picking the end results!). So when a friend told me she was going, I thought, Oh! Why not? And that's how it ended up on this list, and now on this blog as happily completed.

What made goal even more fun to complete, was the friend I had there to complete it with! Let me introduce you to Amanda....

Amanda is my coworker at my latest, and absolutely greatest job (will share in a separate post soon). She's a super fun and energetic person that I freakin' love! I couldn't be more blessed to know her and continue to get to know her every week. And, you will all be happy to hear that she's going to be starting a DZP list! It should be no surprise, it's kind of contagious.

So everyone, this is Amanda, say hi and be nice. I have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot of her...

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