Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Goal #47: Have a water balloon fight

This fun one was completed in July for Madalyn's birthday. JULY! Sorry if you just spit your morning coffee all over your screen wondering how in the world I've waited 4 months to blog this baby. I know, it's just down right shameful. To my benefit I was delaying this blog post because we planned to have a video to share of this epic battle, but since that is still in progress I just had to get this out here!
At first as we were setting up, it was every man for themselves. Then the shit talking started and suddenly we were split into teams.. boys vs. girls. We, were, ruthless-buahahaha-ok, not ruthless! But we definitely gave those boys a run for their money. With more than a hundred balloons, lots of water guns and a few hoses - every single one of us were drenched from head to toe with mascara running, girlish giggles in every direction and massive smiles plastered on our faces. This battle was so much fun! I suggest any grown group of friends to do this at least once.

Here are a few post-battle-photos that I absolutely LOVE...

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