Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5th Annual Woodstock '69

For those of you who have been with me since this time last year might remember this event, and how much fun my friends and I had.  Well, this will be 3rd year attending, making it officially a tradition! (Too bad its not a holiday, or else I could cross this one off of my list). 

I have been planning my life around this event, and I'm so excited to just go and have a relaxed time with my friends.  This year the show starts at 2pm with a fabulous line up:
2:00-3:00pm Savor/Santana
3:25-4:25pm Delilah Jones/Grateful Dead
4:50-5:50pm Tombstone Shadow/C.C.R
6:15-7:15pm Christina Vierra/Janis Joplin
7:40-8:40pm Anthony Aquarius Mystery/Jimi Hendrix
9:05-10:05pm Woodstock Mud/Crosby, Stills and Nash
You can buy tickets online for $15 (if things are the same as last year, then the door price is $20, so buy early) and you can purchase VIP tickets for $50 which includes appetizers, discounted drinks and reserved seating. 

Be sure to bring with you blankets, chairs, umbrellas, etc. to make your party time more comfortable on the grassy knoll.  In between the sets you can visit all of the vendor's tents, purchase some hippie inspired souvenirs, get some tattoos airbrushed, or enjoy the beer tents and general atmosphere. 
And if you see us there, (me and Toni) come and say hi!  We'll be the ones having a ridiculously good time, getting some sun, having a few drinks, checking out the bands, floating around the grassy knoll and enjoying each other's company.

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