Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goal #80: Spend a whole weekend without using the Internet (or browser on my phone)

I decided this would be the perfect holiday weekend to go without the Internet.  And to my surprise, it was harder than I thought given this goal includes the browser on my phone - which I realized also includes some apps, and using them would be cheating. 
Saturday was a breeze since I was busy having fun at the fair and tweeted via text. 
Sunday was when I realized it was getting harder.  I had to stop myself from giving someone directions, since Google maps = the Internet.  Then I had to stop myself from showing a youngin who Marky Mark is - how on earth does she not know who Marky Mark is??  While I felt it was my duty to shine some light on what a cutie he is and what she was missing out on... I refrained. 
Monday I was going to go ahead and be an overachiever and include it into my weekend goal, but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen since I had prior commitments requiring I dabble a little in the world wide web. 
So there it is!  One full-fledged weekend without any Internet access!

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