Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Gobble Gobble!
My turkey is sporting some awesome chanclas, paired with the beanie I can never pull off and his L&C inspired feathas! Now go create your own Google turkey and share it with your friends!

It's been a rough year for many of us, but I still have so much to be thankful for. Here are 25 things I'm thankful for at the age of 25...

family and support
friendship and love
my new puppy-love rufus
my honda
my fabulous job that genuinely makes me smile everyday
hard-core laugh attacks that bring me to tears
youtube nights
sister dates
spontaneous coffee dates
sarcasm, and moore sarcasm
beautiful babies and their chubster cheeks
sticking to traditions
maintaining connections via facebook, as cliché as it may be
homemade halloween costumes
sticky notes
friendly faces
blatant, needed and appreciated, honesty
trashy television
booth and brennan
reconnected friendships
gloomy clouds, with slight chance of rain
car-dance parties
sweet pandora
back to blogging

Be well. Be thankful.

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  1. Early morning specials at the Kuntry Kitchen, followed by long walks at the park, and some dinner specials to boot.