Monday, November 26, 2012

Goal #30: Go to the midnight premiere of a movie

Woot! Woot! Alex, Shannon and I all crossed this puppy off our lists with the midnight premiere of... Breaking Dawn 2! Yes, yes... for those of you who don't know yet, I am, in fact, a Twilight fan. All judgement aside, these movies are great movies, period. And this last one was EPIC. I honestly loved it and was so happy I held out for this movie for my goal. It was so stupid-good!

The action from right to left: 
We have all arrived! Shannon first, Alex second with blankets and warm gear, myself last bearing gifts of Chipotle (and seriously worried I was going to get mauled by Twilight fans over yummy goodness). Thankfully no one jumped me for my veggie bowl!
Then it started to (california)rain and we were not happy (Alex especially).
Moments later we were whisked into the theatre, snagged some seriously awesome seats and waiting patiently-and awake! thanks to some Starby's double shot cans-for our movie to begin!
Post-Flick Photo! Seriously happy over how the movie turned out, lets watch it again!

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